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St. Bartholomew Church 1878-2009

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The Organ
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The Pipe Organ


The Prinzipal 8' pipes exposed at the front of the organ. The tallest and middle note seen at the front of the organ is D, C and C sharp are in back of these pipes.

Prinzipal             8'
Gedeckt              8'
Octav                 4'
Rohr Flute           4'
Hohl Flute           2'
Mixture IV           1 1/3'
Trumpet              8' (Inoperative)
Gedeckt              8'
Prinzipal             4'
Rohr Flute           4'
Nazard               2 2/3'
Prinzipal             2'
Quint                 1 1/3'
Fife                    1'
Sub Bass            16' (32 Notes)
Prinzipal             8' (From Great)
Gedeckt              8'(From Great)
Quint Bass          5 1/2'
Octave                4' (From Great)
Mixture IV           2'
Fagot                 16' (Inoperative)
Clairon               4' (Inoperative)


Here are some of the Sub Bass 16' pipes in the very back of the organ. These are some of the low bass notes you might hear during a hymn.  Notice they are wooden pipes.

The organ at St. Bartholomew's was built sometime in the late 1870's by E.& G.G. Hook & Hastings.  The organ was purchased from a church in the eastern part of the state and brought to St. Bartholomew's and was dedicated in 1921. The organ was restored in 1978 by the Berkshire Organ Company changing the organ from a lead pnuematic action organ where individual tracks opened each pipe when a key was pressed, to an electronic pneumatic action organ where electric valves control the air flow to the pipes when the keys are pressed. Currently the organ is maintained by Czelusniak et Dugal INC. of Northampton, MA.


Pictured here are some of the low Gedeckt 8' pipes.


Here are some of the Rohr Flute 4' and 2' pipes.  They are enclosed in the "Swell"of the organ.  The "Swell" is actually a large wooden box with giant shutters that can open and close, controlling the volume of the pipes.


Here are some of the tiny metal pipes also enclosed in the swell.


Lastly, here is the console, where the organist makes it all come together. Notice that Father Dyer's picture is on the console.